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This wiki is an exploration into the world of Dark Souls 1-3 challenges.If you have beaten these infamously difficult games and want a way to make it harder, this is the place to see what you may be capable of.

What are Challenge Runs?Edit

Once you have completed a Dark Souls game you may be relieved, you may never touch the game again. But if you loved these games as much as we do, then you will play again and again. This is where a challenge run comes in.

A Challenge Run is basically playing through the game again with a new character but adding some kind of restriction or stipulation to make it even more difficult to complete. Some people have completed the craziest challenge runs ever and put them on Youtube. Others stream their gameplay on to make history to a live audience. There are a few different levels of challenge runs we have created in order to lead beginner, experienced, and master level players in the right direction. Make sure to check them all out below and don't be afraid to try them out yourself!

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